By Marc Campos

Gloves Off, Show Me The Math, Fixed Prix Fixe

In the Texas Dem Party Primary race for Guv, the gloves came off yesterday. An "everything you didn't want to know about Chris Bell" email was distributed yesterday by the Bob Gammage campaign. If that was their best shot, then they didn't score too many points. I think the Gammage folks are a little nervous because the Bell people are ringing (awww) up points among the pro-choice voters. A few weeks ago, an all star contingent of the pro-choice leadership community came out in support of Bell while at the same time taking a few shots at Gammage. Gammage says he now "regrets" some bad votes he cast against the "choice" community while he was a member of congress.

An independent poll on the Guvs race was released yesterday. Guv Dude leads, followed by Lady Foghorn, then the Dems, then the action figure. I just don't see how Foghorn wins - somebody needs to show me the math. There has to be a major defection of more Dem Party groups - she already has a teacher group and the trials - but can she get labor groups, Latino groups, African American groups, pro-choice folks, progressives, gay/lesbian folks? Will major Dem factions actually leave the party to dance cheek to cheek with Foghorn? If they do, do they know that by asking folks to jump around the ballot, they may actually do harm to down ballot Dems that are in competitive races in the general?

It is Valentine's Day - beware of the fixed prix fixe dinner deal - often times you get ripped off. You know for like $60 bucks a person you get a set course meal - booze excluded. Restaurants just ought to let you order off the regular menu. Of course, this is the night that restaurants like to cash in so watch out. Why not just go buy a bottle of ZD cab for around $50, take your honey to Colina's, order some lasagna or pizza, ummmmm, then go home, stop off and pick up some Whitman's Samplers, and pop in "Casablanca" or "Notting Hill" into the DVD player - what a night.

The thing I like about Valentine's Day - nobody schedules political functions in the evening - except for the special election up in Austin where Cupid is expected to drop in at the Dem candidate's party.

February 14, 2006 9:00AM

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