By Marc Campos

Local Latino Love, Por Favor!

Next Tuesday, February 19, Lone Star State voters will begin to determine the political future of Hillary Clinton. How’s that for decision making. Aren’t you glad we didn’t jump into the Super Duper Tuesday stuff? Thanks for the St. Arnold’s that has been sent my way by folks saying they were glad that Commentary spoke out against joining Super Duper Tuesday. I sure hope the Dem Party officials in the Lone Star State are prepared for a record turnout at the polls and at the precinct conventions.

Now, let’s get down to serious business and bring some political amor to H-Town’s Latino community. According to the 2006 Census Estimate:

Harris County has a 3,888,207 total population with 38.2% Latinos or 1,485,295.

Cameron County has a 387,717 total population with 86.1% Latinos or 333,824.

Hidalgo County has a 700,634 total population with 89.5% Latinos or 627,067.

Bexar County has a 1,555,592 total population with 57.2% Latinos or 889,798.

I rest my case for now.

Don’t be surprised if the first candidate that visits the H-Town Latino community wins the Lone Star State.

I wonder what the Vegas line is on who wins the Lone Star State.

Commentary will take his eye off of the prize this morning so I can watch The Rocket go on trial. Way to go Dem controlled congress! You are the legislative branch, not the judicial branch. You don’t conduct trials. Commentary would have been a lot happier if you had stuck in one of those earmarks for a couple of mil so we could build us some little league parks out in H-Town Council, District I.

Texas Super Dem Delegates (endorsements):

1. DNC Boyd Richie - TX Chair
2. DNC Roy LaVerne Brooks - TX Vice Chair
3. DNC Hon. Yvonne Davis
4. DNC Hon. Al Edwards
5. DNC Norma Fisher Flores (Clinton)
6. DNC Jaime Gonzalez Jr.
7. DNC David Holmes
8. DNC John Patrick
9. DNC Betty Richie
10. DNC Bob Slagle (Clinton)
11. At Large DNC Sue Lovell (Clinton)
12. At Large DNC Senfronia Thompson (Obama – according to a Friday press release)
13. At Large DNC Robert Martinez
14. At Large DNC Denise Johnson (Clinton)
15. At Large DNC Bob Strauss
16. At Large DNC David Hardt
17. Al Green (Obama)
18. Charlie Gonzalez (Obama)
19. Chet Edwards
20. Ciro Rodriguez
21. Eddie Bernice Johnson
22. Former Speaker Jim Wright (Clinton)
23. Gene Green (Clinton)
24. Henry Cuellar (Clinton)
25. Lloyd Doggett
26. Nick Lampson
27. Ruben Hinojosa (Clinton)
28. Sheila Jackson Lee (Clinton)
29. Solomon Ortiz (Clinton)
30. Silvestre Reyes (Clinton)
31. Moses Mercado (Obama)
32. Linda Chavez-Thompson

Speaking of, James Rodriguez has his “heart to heart” reception this evening out by The Yard – a good crowd is expected.

According to news reports, Miguel Tejada is in the U.S. of A. and getting ready to hit Spring Training unless they drag his arse to D.C. for a trial, errr hearing.

February 13, 2008 9:00AM

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