By Marc Campos

County Judge, The M Word, The P Word, Good Veto, Carlos, Space Lid

Hey, Harris County voters might have a race for County Judge next year – that’s a good thing! It looks like Judge Robert Eckels may be moving on to a better paying job. Pleeeeease – when Dem movers and shakers start throwing names around for possible County Judge candidates, can we not start off with the usual list of White guys? There are plenty of Latinos/Latinas, women, and African Americans that would be fine candidates for County Judge. Think about it.

Wasted days and wasted nights and wasted lives - looks like Obama stubbed his toe a couple of days ago on talking about W’s war. It’s not good to have to eat your words a couple of days after your big kickoff.

Well it looks like the “mistake” word is going to dog Hillary’s run for now. She won’t say her vote for W’s war was a “mistake.” We’ll see how it plays out. You know at some point, she’s going to have to take a whack at her opponents including Obama. When she does, I think it will be a pretty good whack.

According to some Latino/Latina folks, “Patrona” is a not so cool word. The local LULAC folks got riled up about the Chron’s use of the term in yesterday’s story about the District I race. LULAC claims the use of the “Patrona” term is offensive to the Latino community. Like there are no Godfathers/Godmothers in local Latino politics. No Padrinos either. Well how about Madrinas? Let’s not get too carried away on this political correctness stuff or we will all be Compadres and Comadres in politics – now that wouldn’t be any fun.

Hey, Commentary is always looking at the bright side. How come we’re the only Houston City Council race that gets top of the fold front page, errr A-1 coverage? Shelley’s $4 Million Special isn’t getting this kind of run. I wonder how many other council races will get this kind of run. There is something about our politics that’s a bit more interesting – get used to it.

Props go to the Mayor of Nashville for vetoing an English-only measure that the Nashville City Council adopted.

If you go online to read Sunday’s Chron story on Carlos Lee, there is also a photo slide show of Carlos being Carlos in Panama. It’s pretty good – check it out. Props again go to Jesus for putting the piece together.

Speaking of the yard, Commentary has one of those giveaways from last year commemorating a NASA shuttle flight – guess which one? You got it – the one with the spacewackonut – her name is on the lid that they gave out. I think I’ll run it up the ebay flagpole.

February 13, 2007, 9:00AM

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