By Marc Campos

Buckshot Dick, Tejano DemLESS, Brownee Points, Lovely Linda, Rebound

Sorry Dick, that's not how we prefer to get rid of GOP voters. Will the VP get his future Texas hunting license revoked? As a form of punishment, they should have given the VP a pair of tweezers and had him pluck the buckshot pellets out of the victim's, errrr, donor's a__.

The Tejano Democrats met in Houston this past weekend for a statewide meeting and according to my sources, they had a pi__ poor turnout. Hope that's not a sign of things to come for Dems. I'm telling you, the state's Dem leadership - whoever/wherever they are - is failing to inspire the Dem faithful. Come to think of it, there are no statewide Dem leaders - oh yeah, prove it, give me names, give me hope, gimmee shelter!

I also think it is time for the Tejano Democrats and Mexican American Democrats to start talking about unification.

Memo to U.S. Senate/U.S. House panels that are questioning former FEMA Chief Brownee - you are starting to make him look good, you are starting to have folks feel sorry for him, some folks actually think he has a little cred - please, stop giving him TV run.

KPRC-TV's (Channel 2 in Houston) former prime time news anchor Linda Lorelle resigned this past weekend. She had been downgraded recently to 11 am/ 4 pm anchor duties - the female age thing for local news folks. Still have on my fridge door a promotional magnet with Lorelle, co-anchor Bill Balleza, Frank Billingsley - the weather guy, and sports fella Craig Roberts. Roberts also got the age ax a while back. Hope Lorelle finds a major TV gig - she's a class act - good luck.

Laura Salinas' (remember Laura) family had an electoral victory last week. Talk about a comeback, Laura's son, Jimmy Gomez III, is now officially the 5th grade Valentine King.

February 13, 2006 9:00AM

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