By Marc Campos

James’ Run, W’s Chicks, Play Ball!

James Rodriguez, known to Commentary followers as “The Young Gun”, got some real good run in today’s Chron. James is running for Houston City Council, District I. The District I incumbent, Carol Alvarado, known to Commentary followers as “One Of My Best Friends”, is term limited and is supporting James, her former Chief of Staff. Got it?

The District I race received above the fold front page coverage in the Chron, which ought to say something about the importance of the race in H-Town politics. James is a Commentary client and the election is this November – stay tuned.

This is what you call redemption. I’m talking about the Dixie Chicks winning big at last night Grammys. I wonder if W stayed up to watch. If he did, I wonder if he chunked a tomato at the TV screen.

Props go to Jesus from the Chron for his front page piece yesterday on new ‘Stros slugger Carlos Lee. It turns out Carlos owns 14,000 head of cattle – that’s a lot of carne. He’s also “partly of Chinese descent” says the Chron. So I guess you could say we also have an Asian on the team – well sorta. I think ‘Stros fans – Latinos and non-Latinos alike are going to warm up to Carlos Lee – Numero 45.

Commentary took the time this weekend to go to Astros Fan Fest and the College Classic at the yard. Commentary is a huge fan of Mickey Mantle – the greatest baseball player of all time. I checked out the Mickey Mantle exhibition – lot of cool stuff including a Mickey Harley that I’m sure The Young Political Consultant That Works’ …… Dad probably liked. He runs the Minute Maid stuff at the yard and is a Harley dude. There were also bats, gear, balls, photos of Mickey, including one of him and Bobby Kennedy in Yankee Stadium taken in 1965.

Commentary ran into new ‘Stros center fielder Chris Burke at the yard yesterday. He’s a real nice fellow. FYI – Burke’s wife practices law.

Speaking of the yard, James Rodriguez used to be a ‘Stros batboy (it helped pay for his education). James has a lot of cool stories about his experiences. FYI – James’ fiancé, Wendy Montoya, known to Commentary followers as “The Lovely Wendy”, practices law. They are getting married this summer.

February 12, 2007, 9:00AM

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