By Marc Campos

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

By Marc Campos

Yesterday, the Texas State Senate suspended their rules and held a fast track hearing on State Senator John Whitmire's Make Safe Clear Roadkill Act proposal. Only one witness testified (in support) at the hearing. The City of Houston was caught flat footed and was not afforded the opportunity to organize witnesses to testify against the measure.

The Senate's Intergovernmental Relations Committee heard and passed the bill. The hearing lasted a marathon long nine minutes - yuk, yuk. Full Senate passage is expected next week.

Even though Whitmire has 29 senate co-sponsors, he should have given the city a chance to make a stand - albeit like George Armstrong Custer. It is a statewide issue. Public testimony should have been heard. Commentary has to throw a yellow flag on this play.

Along the same lines, Houston Mayor Bill White should chew out his high priced lobby team for being caught flat footed.

On a totally, totally, totally unrelated matter, the enema widow now denies she had anything to do with her husband's death last week. Remember the Commentary about the Lake Jackson dude that died after he was enemized with two bottles of sherry. The woman says her husband was an enema freak - enema addict. She says he got off on giving himself enemas and even went online to chat with other enema freaks. We can just imagine - "hey, what up - your a__?'" - yuk, yuk. The Chron even published a photo of his gear that included seven enema tubes - we guess one for every day - arrrgh!

Talk about bad blood and cheap shots. In the February 9 issue of La Voz, a Houston Spanish language weekly newspaper, there is an article regarding Houston State Senator Rodney Ellis, an African American Democrat, introducing a bill that provides legal protections to immigrants. In the article, local Houston attorney Michael Solar is quoted as saying the senate's seven Hispanic members don't do anything to help the Latino community. Yikes! According to folks in the know, Solar is still smarting over the fact that he was not reappointed to the board that oversees the fundraising and policy activities of the Senate Hispanic Caucus.

February 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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