By Marc Campos

A Presidential Difference

About the only complaint I heard from the cable talking heads last night after watching The President were that his responses were five minutes long. I guess that is what happens after watching eight years of mangling, dangling and incomplete sentences. The GOP talking heads continue to operate under the Rush talking points as all they can pathetically muster up is to just be against – pitiful.

This is from a press release Commentary received this morning: “The Association of Hispanic County Judges and Commissioners Association today announced that it will officially endorse U.S. Senate candidate John Sharp during its state convention this year, saying that the South Texas native is perfectly positioned to provide Texas the kind of balanced leadership called for in these challenging times for local budgets and public programs.” Hey, it looks like we have us a U.S. Senate race in the Lone Star State.

I guess the City of H-Town forgot to budget for the McAfee updates this past year. How else do you explain the City’s Municipal Court System getting hit by a virus? Somebody needs to get their arse run out pretty soon if you ask me.

Can you imagine how folks would have reacted if the municipal courts computers would have crashed under Lee P. Brown’s watch. Heck, he would have had to hang out in one of those undisclosed locations for a few days, errr weeks.

Commentary got it right for a change – whew! I said a couple of weeks ago that the H-Town Mayoral wannabee field would dwindle and it did. Ben Hall is out. Of course, was he ever in?

Commentary has to hand it to A-Roid for coming clean even if he didn’t come clean back in 2007 with Katie Couric. I guess it’s way too late for the Rocket and Barry, Barry, Barry to come clean since they are already in the crosshairs of the G-Men. I won’t be surprised to see someone put together one of those All-Roid teams – McGwire on First, A-Roid at Short, Barry, Barry, Barry in Left, Giambi at DH, Rocket at SRHP, Pettitte at SLHP – you get the picture.

The Houston Area Latino Summit is four days away. An agenda has now been posted. Around 250 Latinos/Latinas and non Latinos/Latinas have registered. The moderators are set. All of the presenters are confirmed. Sponsors are still signing on. Go to www.camposcommunications.com for information on the Houston Area Latino Summit that will be held from 10 am to 1 pm, this Saturday, February 14, 2009 in the Champions Pavilion at Minute Maid Park.

Spring training also opens in four days and that’s about it from The Yard.

February 10, 2009 9:00AM

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