By Marc Campos

Paranoia Strikes Deep, Huh!

Paranoia - both sides have it - guess it is contagious. In the GOP Texas Primary, some former/current local school board members or educators are challenging incumbent members of the Texas House. The challengers think the incumbents are dangerously dragging their feet on dealing with the public education finance crisis. The incumbents are accusing the challengers of being a part of a "liberal cabal" - a conspiracy of sorts.

Meanwhile, some Texas House Dem incumbents are being challenged in the Dem Primary. The incumbents (and some of their colleagues) are accusing the challengers of being hand picked candidates of Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick - a conspiracy of sorts to knock off "Ardmore Democrats." I know about this first hand, they are trying to pin that label on my client, Steve Brown, who is challenging an incumbent in House District 27 in Fort Bend County.

Actually Steve Brown was recruited by Fort Bend County Democratic Party activists that want a legislator that will stand with them on some key issues like "choice." Steve Brown is Pro-Choice, the incumbent is "anti-choice." You figure if Steve Brown was recruited by Speaker Craddick's folks, he would have a lot more campaign buckos - check out the latest reports and see for yourself.

Quite frankly, Steve is running because he thinks he can be an effective legislator, pure and simple, no hidden agenda. There shouldn't be anything wrong with wanting to challenge an incumbent in the Dem Primary - particularly an incumbent that is anti-choice. Run, Steve, run!!

Problem with a lot of incumbents these days is that they take offense when someone files to run against them. They sometimes forget why we have elections - so folks can run, errrr, in a DEMOCRACY!!! Don't take it personal - IT IS PART OF THE PROCESS THAT MAKES AMERICA THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

That ends the debate. A statue/bust of W was unveiled yesterday at the National Guard headquarters commemorating W's service in the Guard.

January 10, 2006 9:00AM

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