By Marc Campos

Texas House Repubs Ask For It & "The Blazer"

By Marc Campos

Do they ever learn? This time they want to take away power away from Travis County DA Ronnie Earle and other prosecutors. The GOPers want the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) to have a say on whether election code violations should be prosecuted.

Commentary has experience with filing election related complaints with the TEC. Here's an example of how it works. I know there was a violation and I file the necessary paperwork/complaint. TEC looks at my complaint and asks the party I am complaining about. The party says they did not do anything wrong. Complaint dismissed. TEC does not have the personnel to look into anything serious. It would be a field day for election law violators. That's why folks/media will go after the GOP on this. This is another dumb, self serving, morally corrupt GOP idea.

Houston Community College System Trustee Jay Aiyer, a candidate for Houston City Council, At-Large, Position 2, received the first major endorsement. Former congressman Chris Bell said of Aiyer, he is "as smart as they come". Bell also went on to say "Aiyer rhymes with fire". It is a blazing start for Jay. Arrrgh!!

February 10, 2005, 9:00AM

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