By Marc Campos

News Worthless, Screwter, Sunday’s Chron

I’m sorry, but Commentary didn’t need CNN – which stays on in my office - go non stop yesterday afternoon with the death of the former playboy bunny that bit the dust. Sorry, she should just get a mention and not this non stop stuff where they don’t even run commercials. Don’t those folks at CNN got a world to cover like a war, genocide in Africa, the new coach of the Cowboys, the frigging cold weather up where My God Daughter Lisette now lives, Guv Dude and Da Bell working together on the HPV vaccine for little girls, and the Gus Wortham Golf course here in H-Town.

I hate to say this, but the former playboy bunny wanted to be on center stage and she got it – she’s on the front pages of most of the country’s and worlds’ newspapers. Too bad she won’t be able to attend her final press conference.

Dems need to be pouncing on Dick’s Screwter, errr Scooter. This is a rare opportunity to jump on a former W insider. We need to score some points on this one. W’s getting off light on this one.

Astros baseball fans figure on getting a treat this weekend as the Chron’s Jesus will pen a piece on baseball in Panama to coincide with Carlos Lee – a Panamanian – fixing to slip into a ‘Stros uniform this year – Numero 45. The feature is supposed to run this Sunday – check it out.

Speaking of the yard, Commentary went to a function last night sponsored by JP Morgan Chase. You see, they got a big sign out at the yard. So Craig Biggio’s quest for 3000 hits came up and someone mentioned why not a Chase-ing 3000 Hits promotion or something like that – not bad.

Also this Sunday, the Chron is supposed to do piece on the upcoming District I race – stay tuned.

February 9, 2007, 9:00AM

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