By Marc Campos

Give Me My Safe Clear!!

By Marc Campos

According to yesterday's Fort Worth Star Telegram, Metroplex (that's the Dallas-Fort Worth area) officials are looking at implementing some form of a Safe Clear type freeway towing system for their cities. As Bruce Willis said in the original Die Hard movie, "welcome to the party".

Commentary wants to know if Metroplex officials have been paying attention to what's happening with the Texas legislature this session. Surely their lobbyists told them that Houston State Senator John Whitmire had 29 co-sponsors for his Make Safe Clear Roadkill Act proposal - which obviously includes every Metroplex area state senator.

This latest development also takes one of Houston Mayor Bill White's arguments off the table - the one where the Mayor said someone from Lubbock should not be deciding Houston's local public policy initiatives. As more freeway hugging municipalities publicly serve notice that they are considering looking to get into the freeway towing game, this further emboldens Whitmire. It now becomes an issue that goes beyond the Houston city limits. Advantage Whitmire.

February 9, 2005, 9:00AM

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