By Marc Campos

Super Duper Lone Star State Dem Delegates

Since we’re in a mano-a-mano fight for delegates, Commentary thought it would be a real good thing to list the Lone Star State’s Super Duper Dem Delegates and see who they are picking in the Prez sweepstakes. (Note: if the info on delegates and the process listed is wrong, let me know, please.)

Texas Super Delegates (endorsements):

1. DNC Boyd Richie - TX Chair
2. DNC Roy LaVerne Brooks - TX Vice Chair
3. DNC Hon. Yvonne Davis
4. DNC Hon. Al Edwards
5. DNC Norma Fisher Flores
6. DNC Jaime Gonzalez Jr.
7. DNC David Holmes
8. DNC John Patrick
9. DNC Betty Richie
10. DNC Bob Slagle
11. At Large DNC Sue Lovell (Clinton)
12. At Large DNC Senfronia Thompson (Clinton)
13. At Large DNC Robert Martinez
14. At Large DNC Denise Johnson (Clinton)
15. At Large DNC Bob Strauss
16. At Large DNC David Hardt
17. Al Green (Obama)
18. Charlie Gonzalez
19. Chet Edwards
20. Ciro Rodriguez
21. Eddie Bernice Johnson
22. Former Speaker Jim Wright (Clinton)
23. Gene Green (Clinton)
24. Henry Cuellar (Clinton)
25. Lloyd Doggett
26. Nick Lampson
27. Ruben Hinojosa (Clinton)
28. Sheila Jackson Lee (Clinton)
29. Solomon Ortiz (Clinton)
30. Silvestre Reyes (Clinton)
31. Moses Mercado (Obama)
32. Linda Chavez-Thompson

The way I figure it, 126 delegates of the state’s 228 will come from the 31 Senate Districts and 34 of those delegates are in the Greater H-Town area so locally we ought to be getting a lot of love and attention from the campaigns in the coming days. 67 of the 228 will come from the convention process, so we actually get to cast two votes. Believe me - the campaigns will be urging Dems to vote twice. So if you want, you can vote for Hillary during the day and go back to your precinct convention in the evening and sign up for Obama. You can vote for a woman and African American on the same day. How about that! I get a feeling that a whole lot of folks will be attending the Dem precinct conventions this time around.

25 of the 67 are Nearly Super Duper Dem Delegates and the remaining 42 are Not So Super Duper Dem Delegates – you got it?

So we have us a two-fer. We have a 126 delegate primary and a 67 delegate caucus on the same day. Now that is cool and a real good thing!

If State Rep Borriss Miles puts another arse whupping on Al Edwards on March 4, does Miles get to take Edwards’ super duper delegate badge – kind of like the spoils of war?

How come only 9 of the Super Duper Lone Star State Dem Delegates are of the female persuasion? I don’t know about this.

Now that the GOP Prez contest is winding down, look for independents to invade our Dem Party primary.

Commentary made today’s Chron editorial. Check it out.

Mitt quit! Since he’s no longer in the game, he loses his Catcher’s and First Baseman’s gear – period.

From the This Is Getting Ridiculous Department: The Rocket’s accuser pulled out some old photos of used needles and band-aids. I’m glad The Rocket isn’t being accused of adultery – yikes! I’m glad Spring Training starts next week.

February 8, 2008 9:00AM

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