By Marc Campos

The Votes

By Marc Campos

Commentary has been asked to list the members of the Houston City Council that voted against the first Safe Clear freeway tow program. Drum roll, please.

Addie Wiseman,
Gordon Quan,
Carol Galloway,
Ada Edwards.

Wiseman is the only Repub in the bunch. She is also the only non-minority.

Speaking of votes, according to State Senator John Whitmire's office, 30 out of 31 state senators have signed on as co-sponsors of Whitmire's Make Safe Clear Roadkill Act. The only state senator that has not signed on - drum roll, please. Houston State Senator Rodney Ellis. Which leads me to an interesting observation. Why does Whitmire get so much grief for sponsoring the measure and getting 29 of his colleagues to sign on including notables like Eliot Shapleigh, Chuy Hinojosa, Royce West, Leticia Van De Putte, and Jeff Wentworth, while Rodney Ellis escapes comment - pro or con?

February 8, 2005, 9:00AM

We Stand Corrected. We knew better. Addie Wiseman is a Latina. Sorry.

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