By Marc Campos

Hottest Ticket

Move over Super Bowl! It looks like the hottest ticket in 2008 is going to be being selected as a delegate to the National Dem Convention in Denver this summer. If I want to go as a national delegate, I’m going to have to pick a candidate and quit this arm chair quarterbacking – yikes! Commentary’s precinct convention, one of the most active in the H-Town area, will certainly be a lively affair. I wonder how my Dome Demolition resolution will do.

You know what I like about this Dem Prez sweepstakes? The Austin Dem Big Shots aren’t calling the shots and telling us what to do. It is a free-for-all. In fact, it looks like the Dem voters are telling the Austin Dem Big Shots what to do. Don’t you love it!

Speaking of, how about nominating CEWDEM for an At-Large Delegate slot. Heck, if it weren’t for him, we’d have to work a lot harder for our Dem info. Of course, CEWDEM would also have to pick a candidate.

I’m still waiting to see if our primary gets a nickname. Just don’t give us one of those cowboy type labels like “duel” or “showdown” or “corral” – you know what I mean. How about something with a Latino flavor?

Speaking of, I don’t know about running against this McCain fella. I think he could be a problem for us in the fall.

The GOP candidates for Harris County DA went before the Chron’s E-Board yesterday and the hot shot assistant DA said that racism wasn’t a problem in their office. I bet the Chron’s Insider fell out of his chair when he heard that. I wonder if she knows about W’s War.

Nolan Ryan is going over to run the Texas Rangers. That’s too bad. He’s going to miss out on the ‘Stros’ run for the World Serious this year!

February 7, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary