By Marc Campos

Si Se Puede!

The Latino vote was a major factor last night – period. It appears it was the reason Hillary racked up the evening’s biggest prize – California. CNN Commentator Roland Martin called it “Obama’s Latino problem” after Obama only picked up 52% of the Latino vote in his home state. The Latino vote will once again come into play as the campaign rolls into the Lone Star State. Texas Latinos were mentioned last night on CNN and someone finally mentioned the H-Town Latino vote. I guess CNN reads Commentary.

Here is an easy prediction for the Lone Star State – the Dem winner will be the campaign that has the best Latino outreach/message strategy with a major H-Town area Latino component. Do you wanna bet?

Hey, now aren’t you glad the GOP controlled Texas Legislature followed Commentary’s advice last year and didn’t get us into the Super Duper Tuesday mix. Now we have four weeks of serious rumbling. You can thank me by sending me cases of St. Arnold’s Amber to the address listed on my website – you’re welcome.

Speaking of, the Prez race will certainly add a whole lot more Dem voters to the primary mix causing some concern to contested local Dem primary races. The universe will be expanded so to speak.

It hasn’t been a good week for the Chowder Heads. First the Pats get stunned, then Teddy and Kerry lose on their home field to Hillary. Hillary even threw in a “swift boat” cheap shot remark last night.

There was a mention last night on what John Edwards and Al Gore will do. You know, at this point I don’t think it matters. I think this is a year where leaders are chasing the voters and trying to get out in front of their communities after they have figured out what the voters are doing.

To my fellow Lone Star State Dems, welcome the Hillary and Obama workers that will soon be coming into our state. They have certainly been working their arses off in truly one of the most exciting races in our lifetime. Don’t get snobbish on them if they roll into town and start running things. Cooperate, encourage, advise and assist. They probably don’t get paid much if at all, so go buy them a beer and a meal.

If the GOP is real anti same sex stuff, how come nobody says anything when Huckleberry keeps trying to get under the covers with McCain? Can anyone tell me how to Huck-a-bee?

Last night on CNN there were three African American commentators, quite a few women, a bunch of Anglo dudes and nada on the Latino front and the Latino vote was discussed big time. Heck, I would have settled for a take by Eva Longoria.

Speaking of, Commentary is starting to get calls from the national media on the Latino vote thing in the Lone Star State. They also ask me how Tejada, Valverde and Numero 45 are shaping up.

February 6, 2008 9:00AM

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