By Marc Campos

Finally, T$U, Smackoff, Northsider, Moonshot, The Ads, FLASH!!

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have weighed in on the immigration debate. Props to them. They would like to legalize most immigrants that are in the U.S. today. I've been waiting for some major player to step up to the plate and go to bat for the immigrant community. We have not heard a lot on the immigration issue from Latino leaders and organizations from across the country, maybe now they'll speak out.

From here, things don't look too good for the Texas Southern University (TSU) Prez. She paid back some money. Her ability to spend TSU's money was taken away. The Harris County DA is investigating. Is it just a matter of time?

A photo was published of Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) with W on the House Floor before W gave his State of the Union address - in the photo, it looked like W was gonna put a big one on Henry's piehole. Henry's Dem Party Primary opponent is making a big deal about the photo, errrr, embrace. Don't know yet if voters will oust an incumbent Dem member of Congress for nearly making out with a Prez from the opposite party.

Turns out the new Texans head coach is a Near Northsider. He grew up down the street from St. Patrick's Catholic Church. He hung out at the Y on Cavalcade. Commentary’s trusted assistant and up and comer political consultant used to lifeguard at the Y. Also turns out the new head coach likes the official national drink of District I - Bud Light.

The former Oiler quarterback made the Pro Football Hall of Fame - he deserves the honor. The announcement was made Saturday, Chron ran a story yesterday - Chron never mentioned, errrr, reminded readers of the former QB's domestic violence, errrr, allegedly, incident. Chron missed on that one.

Speaking of football, the Super Game was so-so, the Super Ads were also so-so. My favorites: Disney's I'm Going to Disney World, Anheuser Busch's Steaker Lamb and the Magic Fridge, FedEx and the Cavemen, Ameriquest's Dad Is Dead, the Dove Self Esteem Fund, Ford's Escape Hybrid, Diet Pepsi's Stunt Double, and Sprint's Crime Deterrent. On the local front, HEB's ad with David Carr - he doesn't like sacks - was pretty good.

FLASH!! FLASH!! By Buddy just forwarded me an email regarding former State Representative Glen Maxey (D-Austin) - some folks have started a "Draft Glen Maxey for Texas Dem Chair." Interesting. Have always wondered about these draft deals, like wonder if Glen said, yeah, I'll do it, but let's float a draft committee out there first. I got a feeling Glen has signed off on the deal. FYI - Glen and Commentary were in the same high school graduating class in East Harris County - a long, long, long time ago.

February 6, 2006 9:00AM

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