By Marc Campos

Super Duper Fat Tuesday

CEWDEM – get ready! If all goes according to the plan of pundits today, it is our turn tomorrow and folks will be sending you stuff galore and more. My goodness, Commentary is going to have to make a presidential decision and so will a whole lot of Lone Star State CEWDEM readers! I wonder who the Chron’s Insider and his colleagues will endorse.

Of course there is the possibility that we could all be surprised tonight. We will all be watching for sure.

Commentary is predicting that we will soon see the Ultimate Right Wing Make-Out Moment. I’m going to love it when McCain and Rush embrace each other and lock lips – they have to.

You know things are going real bad for the current Harris County DA when his hot shot assistant wants to dump him.

The dreaded campaign contribution and expenditure reports were due yesterday. Check them out while we wait out Super Duper Fat Tuesday.

Sunday’s Chron crossword puzzle is in today’s paper – about time.

Hammering Hank is 74 today. Happy Birthday Hank Aaron!

Speaking of, according to news reports, paperless folks are flocking to the Lone Star State because other states have adopted hate policies. I don’t know about that. I think maybe they’re coming here to watch Tejada, Valverde and Numero 45 at The Yard.

February 5, 2008 9:00AM

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