By Marc Campos

Guv Dude Does Right, Da Game, O’Henry

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a da__!”

It really doesn’t bother me how or why Guv Dude came around to ordering the HPV vaccine for little girls. Guv Dude deserves major league props for this move, errrr Executive Order. Dude’s EO is getting a lot of national press run. Texas is finally first on something good – that’s cool.

Props also go to Texas House Rep. Farrar (a former Commentary client) for her appearance on “The Today Show” this morning talking about the vaccine.

Last night’s Super Bowl commercials were for the most part a dud. Bud Light’s paper, scissors, rock was OK. The Blockbuster mouse was cute, as was the GM robot that nearly got screwed. Sierra Mist wasted a bunch of dough. I didn’t like the “no speak English” Bud Light spot. The Snicker Kisser ad was a waste.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, it was good to know that yesterday our FBI was out trying to bust online bettors. Meanwhile, Bin Laden is still on the run. He probably took a break yesterday and watched the game, knowing the feds were chasing folks that bet on Da Bears.

Henry Aaron is 73 years young today. Happy Birthday Hammering Hank!

Opening Day at the yard is eight weeks from today.


February 5, 2007, 9:00AM

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