By Marc Campos

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

The sun will come up….. The Chron has a couple of articles today on tomorrow’s Latino vote impact and mentions the “Black-Brown divide.” Commentary provides a take in one of the articles.

John McCain is acting a little arrogant and in an in your face move went to the First Baseman’s Mitt’s home state yesterday. That’ll be the last time McCain visits chowder heads, errr that blue state this year. I really don’t think McCain can handle being the nominee. We will see.

Hey, CEWDEM sent out the endorsement list from the Greater Harris County Democrats – huh! It caused a little stir. How come nobody told me how to join? “Who are those guys” said Butch Cassidy. Where do they meet? Take me to your leader, please. I guess it is OK with me since they endorsed some folks I like. Hey, at least they didn’t require the dreaded questionnaire and that is a real good thing.

From My Brown Eyed Girl: Here in the U.S. of A. we might elect us a woman head of state this year but it has already been done in the UK, Argentina, Israel, Germany, the Philippines, Pakistan and India among others. What’s taking us so long?

For a change, the game was better than the commercials. I liked the Bud Light guy with the fiery breath, the Coke float with Charlie Brown and Underdog at the Macy’s Parade, Diet Pepsi Max and the nodding heads, the Bridgestone screaming squirrel, the FedEx monster pigeons, the Tide talking stain, the Rocky Cydesdale, the Unibrow girl with the cashew cologne, Justin Timberlake and the Pepsi slurper, the Doritos big rat, and Victoria’s Secret “let the real games begin.”

Speaking of, how come the Chron put out last Sunday’s crossword puzzle in yesterday’s paper. Been there, done that! They messed up our Sunday routine.

It was probably the best of all super bowls. I wonder if Gisele has already dumped her fella. That’s all I’m going to say about that other than now that football is out of the way – let the real games begin – at The Yard of course.

February 4, 2008 9:00AM

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