By Marc Campos

Dave's Turn, DeLaid, Super Ads

Told My Buddy this morning that maybe I should have had breakfast with Dave Walden. He got the Friday morning Chron treatment today, I got it last week. Dave has a new gig - Senior Vice President for Public Policy at the Greater Houston Partnership. Don't know what Dave will be making, but the Partnership definitely picked one smart dude.

The Chron column listed a couple of Dave's more notorious incidents, hey, that's part of the Walden Legend. I met Walden during the '91 City of Houston mayoral race. Dave deserves his props for helping Bob Lanier get elected. During that campaign, Dave earned my respect. In '91, I bought into his strategy, he into mine - we won. When picking your "all-political" team - Dave is a first round pick.

"The desire was to get as far away from Tom Delay as possible." A GOP colleague said yesterday after a permanent Majority Leader was elected. Pretty soon, folks aren't even going to get in the same elevator with the fella from Fort Bend. Look for that quote to show up in the upcoming GOP primary, certainly in the general, errrr, assuming the fella survives the primary. By the way, they didn't get too far away from DeLay - the guy they picked is just a whole lot more prettier.

Oh yeah, there's a football game this weekend - the biggest game of the year - sorry, that game was held in Pasadena, California a few weeks ago. Everyone is picking the Steelers on Sunday. I'll be picking the best commercials.

February 3, 2006 9:00AM

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