By Marc Campos

Super Cold Tuesday, The P Word, Rack’em, Angel

A long, long, long time ago, the Texas Leg decided Texas had to play a more important role in Presidential politics so they moved the primary up to March with a bunch of other states and they called it Super Tuesday – 1988 – I think. Up until then, Texas used to have their primary on the first Saturday in May. Now that was nice voting weather. Well, New Hampshire and Iowa still are The Man. Super Tuesday turned out to be a bust.

Now some states like Nevada, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida are thinking about or have moved their primaries up to February. So Iowa and New Hampshire won’t be trumped and are saying they will move their primaries to this December. Meanwhile, here in the Lone Star State, Texas House Rep. Roberto Alonzo, a D from Dallas and a Commentary friend, has a bill to move the Texas primary to February. I don’t know about that.

You see, I don’t think Iowa and New Hampshire are going to budge. Texas already has one of the country’s lowest voter turnouts. Asking people to come out in Texas cold weather isn’t exactly going to increase voter participation. We will also have our regular primaries going on at the same time. This will also cut down on grass roots door to door type activities. Think about what will happen if we have one of those freeze spells that shut some of the state down a couple of weeks ago. How many folks you think will show up to the precinct conventions. We need to think real hard about moving the party primaries – brrrr!

Well, looks like we have our own idiots within Latino Dem politics. Turns out two Latina members of congress say the Latino Caucus Chair, who happens to be an hombre, dropped the P word on them – definitely not cool.

I must have missed this one during the local public policy debates. Around Downtown Houston on public property, the City wants all the newspaper racks the same color – dark green. They say all the different color racks are getting out of hand. Dark green I guess is for the environment – kind of odd – they use up trees to make fishwrap. Maybe they should have gone all pink for like cancer awareness or red (like many women are wearing today) for heart disease awareness. Regardless, Commentary is used to pulling his Hybrid over, running over to the rack and pick up the weeklies. Now, if all the racks look the same, I’ll have to take my time and read the racks – bummer! Question, are the cops going over and slap a citation on a yellow or blue rack. Is the city going over to pick up an illegal rack and haul it off to the rack graveyard like they do illegal campaign signs – yeah, sure.

Farrah Fawcett is 60 years young today. Yeah, Commentary used to have one of those cool Farrah posters a while back – you know which one I’m talking about.

February 2, 2007, 9:00AM

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