By Marc Campos

Saucy Ad Space And Rick Perry's Advice

By Marc Campos

For $2,000 a month you can advertise on the exposed cleavage of Shaune Bagwell - yes, she is the ex-wife of Astro slugger Jeff. In yesterday's Chron there is a Ken Hoffman piece about Shaune's latest AD-venture. This ain't your run of the mill spam. Commentary has ideas on who should advertise.

When the TV series "Twin Peaks" decides to go into syndication, this is better than two billboards. Or how about "Hooters - The Real Deal". One could also creatively advertise for the hit movie "Meet The Fockers" - arrrgh.

The last guy the GOP wannabees ought to be listening to for advice is Governor Rick Perry. In today's Chron, the Gov is dishing out advice to potential opponent Kay Bailey Hutchison and potential U.S. Senate candidate Henry Bonilla. Perry advises them to stay put in their current position and continue to work for the people of Texas. Ummm, let's see. Perry started off as a Democratic state legislator, switched parties, ran for Ag Commissioner as a Repub, ran for Lieutenant Governor, and then moved into the Governor's mansion. Thanks for staying put Rick.

If Hutchison and Bonilla run as a team/ticket, Commentary has an idea on where to advertise for two grand a month.

February 2, 2005, 9:00AM

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