By Marc Campos

“Black-Brown Divide”

The following excerpt is from an AP story that is out today. “The New York senator "has worked very hard on the Latino vote for a long time," said Roberto Suro, a former head of the Pew Hispanic Center who now teaches communications at the University of Southern California. ‘Even Obama's supporters have admitted he's been very late in looking at the Latino vote and doing any specific outreach.’

Suro and others dismiss the notion, promoted recently by a top Clinton adviser, that Latinos are reluctant to vote for black candidates because of supposed rivalries between blacks and Hispanics in many neighborhoods and workplaces.

‘That's not a supportable kind of argument,’ said Angelo Falcon, president of the nonprofit and nonpartisan National Institute for Latino Policy in New York. Hispanics have voted heavily for black candidates in many state and municipal elections, he said, and Obama did well among Illinois Latinos in his 2004 Senate win.”

I don’t know about this. You see nobody likes to talk about this. A discussion on racial issues between Latinos and African Americans make folks uncomfortable. Commentary has said it before that there is evidence that the African American voter is more likely to vote for a Latino/Latina candidate than the Latino/Latina voter for an African American candidate. It’s not a good thing but it is out there.

From the Chron's Alan Bernstein - CHECK OUT THE NEW (!!!) HOME FOR POLITICAL NEWS IN HOUSTON AND HARRIS COUNTY: http://blogs.chron.com/houstonpolitics. Check it out.

Speaking of, the issue of Tejano music artists performing at the Houston Rodeo got some run today in the Chron’s entertainment section. From the I Didn’t Know That Department, there are about 16 or 17 radio station in H-Town that target the Latino community but there is only one radio station that has a Tejano music format. Some folks say Tejano music is a dying genre. Commentary listens to CDs or sports talk when driving. I wonder if there is such a thing as Tejano sports talk radio. I wonder when I will start seeing the first “Save Tejano Music” bumper sticker in the ‘hood.

Commentary will root for the Pats this Sunday because I want to see a team go 19-zip. I’ll be watching the festivities, commercials and all that stuff. I wonder if they will have Tejano music artists in the pre-game or halftime festivities.

Hey, it is February and that means that Spring Training is a couple of weeks away. I wonder if the Dem Prez sweepstakes will be over before Opening Day.

February 1, 2008 9:00AM

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