By Marc Campos

W's State, Super 12, Oscars

Thought's on last night's address by W - shameless.

As I predicted, he opened with words about Coretta Scott King - but no follow-up - he doesn't have any civil rights follow-up weapons.

"State of our union is strong" - NOT.

"USA will continue to lead" - YAWN.

"We are winning" - YEAH, SURE.

"Want to become closest of friends with the people of Iran" - HUH!

"Make tax cuts permanent" - NOPE!


Best Part Of The Address - "Congress did not act on my social security proposal" - DEMS STAND UP FOR A LENGTHY APPLAUSE.

My Buddy thinks W was too scripted, she said when he's scripted, he doesn't sound like W. Told my Buddy that a state of the union address has to be more than just two, three and five letter words.

The DEMS' rebuttal fella - the VA Guv, failed to connect. The DEMS' advance team forgot to check out his left eyebrow - it had that "I'm skeptical expression." We couldn't focus on what the VA Guv was saying, his left eyebrow kept dancing around the screen. Sorry.

Still trying to figure out who was the fella that was sitting to the First Lady's left.

What's up with all those Dems that line up next to the aisle so they can shake W's hand. I know some of them. They trying to get his autograph? A mugshot with W? Run on national TV? Also kind of shameless.

As per Super Bowl Week, there has to be major and minor distractions. Texas A&M Nation is upset with Seattle Seahawk Nation over the 12th Man slogan. A&M Nation says they have exclusive rights to the slogan. Does it matter? Let Seahawk Nation borrow it for a week or so - you're getting good run on your slogan.

Jake Gyllenhaal gets a Best Supporting Actor nomination for "Brokeback Mountain" and he had just as much screen time as his co-star Heath Ledger who gets a Best Actor nomination - this needs 'splaining.

February 1, 2006 9:00AM

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