By Marc Campos

Now We Have A Body

By Marc Campos

On a somber note, a woman was run over yesterday on I-10 East as she tried to cross the freeway after her van was stranded on the shoulder of the road. A wrecker had just arrived on the scene. No doubt this death will factor into Mayor Bill White's Safe Clear freeway towing initiative debate. Commentary is betting that someone will exploit this death to further their argument in the debate on eliminating the policy. Sadly, without knowing the facts, Safe Clear opponents will probably say that the woman was running away from an intimidating looking wrecker driver. We'll see.

Open your wallets. Today is the first day that candidates for Houston city council, mayor or controller can solicit campaign funds. First out the gate is George Hittner, a candidate for city council, District C. Dist. C incumbent Mark Goldberg is term limited. Hittner apparently sent out an email at around 2 am. this morning. No word on whether anyone got out of bed at 3 am. and wrote him a check. Hey dude, get some sleep. You have a long campaign ahead.

Props to Commentary for making the Chron's editorial page. Yesterday's take on State Rep. Jessica Farrar's state house committee assignments was quoted in one of the Chron's editorials. All in jest.

February 1, 2005, 9:00AM

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