By Marc Campos

Happy 2008!

I don’t think the Harris County DA will be pouring bubbly tonight – maybe tequila shots. The local GOP posse is after his arse like Commentary predicted - errr an easy prediction. Even the local GOP County Judge is ready to throw him overboard. The DA’s problemos have made it to every major newspaper in the state and the NY Times – yikes!

H-Town CM Brown is the first major Dem to call for the DA’s resignation. It is OK for Dems to pile on. After all, they would pile on if the shoe was on the other foot. So go on ahead and pile on and don’t worry about the yellow flags.

Speaking of, the Houston Texans had their best season ever and Vince is in the playoffs.

Congrats go to the paperless folks for being named the Dallas Morning News’ Texans of the Year – standing ovation please. They deserve the honor and recognition.

Congrats also go to the NE Patriots for going 16 zip. That Tom Brady fella is a great QB plus he’s the best looking guy in the NFL – I can understand why the ladies love him.

H-Town CM Carol Alvarado had a great Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron. CEWDEM sent it out to most folks. The subject matter was doing away with H-Town city council term limits. Carol offered a different twist to the debate – check it out.

Commentary went to a wedding at The Yard Saturday night. The couple got married at home plate – cool. The groom and his groomsmen came out of the visitor’s dugout and the bride and bridesmaids from the ‘Stros dugout. The ring bearer had the rings in a baseball glove – also cool.

Speaking of, James and Wendy Rodriguez will be honored at The Yard at a reception this Wednesday – the day James takes office.

The filing deadline is a couple of days away so expect some surprises.

Hope you had a good year. Commentary did. Hope you have a good 2008.

Take it easy tonight. If you happen to have one too many, try some menudo in the morning at your local neighborhood Mexican restaurant.

Just over three months until Opening Day at The Yard! Happy New Year folks!

December 31, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary