By Marc Campos

Silence Of The Experts

Commentary has always said that Austin certainly doesn’t lack political expertise, errr allegedly. Since they are so smart up there, how come they haven’t let the rest of us know who is going to be the next Texas House Speaker?

Speaking of experts, Commentary has been amused lately by all the piling on W by his former staffers, consultants, and other GOPers. He has been compared to Governor Palin in terms of foreign affairs experience. They are saying that soon to be Little Dick Cheney manipulated him. They also said that Katrina was a fatal blow. It looks to me like the only folks that are saying good things about W are soon to be Little Dick, the out of her league Sec State, and W’s wife.

Governor Palin is now One Tough Hockey Grandma. The little boy’s name is Tripp. Just like Tripp Darling from “Dirty Sexy Money” – an ABC-TV show that Commentary watches.

It would be nice if the Governor of the Empire State would go on ahead and make his pick to replace Hillary. It is getting to the point to where it looks like Caroline Kennedy is on this epic interview process and her critics are hoping and waiting for her to fall flat on her face.

One Of My Best Friends gave me a Beatles Monopoly Set for Christmas. The little tokens are a raccoon (Rocky), a sun (Here Comes The), strawberry (Fields Forever), walrus (I Am The), silver hammer (Maxwell’s), and Octopus (‘s Garden).

James and The Lovely Wendy gave me a Beatles jig saw puzzle. The puzzle is an album cover - The White Album – yikes! By the way, James got a lot of positive comments yesterday on the Chron article.

Memorial Hermann gave the Rocket for Christmas the old heave ho yesterday. Their Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance located at the Texas Medical Center will just be called the Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance.

After watching the Yankees scoop up the three hottest free agents and spending a kazillion dollars in the process, my friend Drayton thinks Major League Baseball ought to have a salary cap and that is all there is from The Yard.

December 30, 2008 9:00AM

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