By Marc Campos

Texas Math and the Texas Honor System, Tom Dooley, Scarlet Night, Top Ten

Now you’re talking! Somebody finally showed us the money, errr the names in the race for Texas House Speaker. Speaker Craddick released the 84 names that include 17 Dems – among the 17, Turner, Raymond and Pena – all buddies of Commentary – yikes!

Earlier yesterday, the spokesperson for the Planofella said they had 73 pledges. Hmmm, that’s 84 plus 73 equals 157 – and there are only 149 members today.

Craddick advisor and lobbyist/consultant extraordinaire Bill Miller (also a Commentary buddy) says it’s all over – he says the Speaker has scoreboard.

The Speaker showed us his. The Planofella won’t show us his.

Meanwhile, another Texas House GOPer from Wax The Hatchet says members have called him and want him to be the “consensus” Speaker and he says he can win. So the way I figure it, there are 233 commitments/pledges out there at a minimum – huh!

It looks like honor is taking a beating up at our State Capitol this week.

One thing is for sure, if Speaker Craddick hangs on, I don’t think he’ll be as heavy handed as he once was – so props go to all the coup plotters – et tu Pitts.

They still got a bit to go in terms of reaching a full Democracy in Iraq. Here in the good ol’ US of A, if you get the death penalty, it takes you a few years before you get your last meal. That’s not the case for Tom Dooley in Iraq as it looks like he never got an appeal to exhaust. Tom Dooley handed over his will today to close relatives – huh, ditto! I thought everything was taken from him except for the raggedy old suits he’s been wearing to trial. I wonder what he’s requesting for his last meal. Maybe in honor of his executioner he ought to order a Whataburger, fried gulf jumbo shrimp, Spanish Flowers menudo, Blue Bell ice cream, and a Goode Company Pecan Pie – and wash it down with a couple of Shiner Bocks. I wonder if Vegas have an over/under line on …… well, you know ….. before or after the New Year.

I went to the Texas Bowl last night out at Reliant and wore Rutgers Scarlet Knights gear – red. It turns out My Brown Eyed Girl’s kid’s best friend is the Co-Captain of the Scarlet Nights so we all went out and rooted for the state team of New Jersey – hey, it’s a blue state! The Scarlet Knights whupped up on Big 12 rep Kansas State. There were thousands of disappointed and inebriated Wildcat fans in attendance last night. This morning they got up with a pretty bad hangover and had to drive back to Kansas – bummer.

The Chron came out with its Top Ten Flicks of 2006 and Commentary has seen half of them. WTC finally made a Top Ten list –good.

Be careful out there this weekend. Watch out for the other fella on New Year’s Eve! I’ll be back on January 2, 2007 – have a Happy New Year!

December 29, 2006, 9:00AM

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