By Marc Campos

Dissing Dominick, Bangladesh Again, DeLay

Dominick Davis is the starting running back for the Houston Texans. He's had a pretty good season. He's about the only decent part of the Texans' offense. He's rushed for over 1,000 yards the past two seasons. You have to wonder how he's dealing with all the Reggie Bush hype - the guy that would most certainly put Dominick on the bench. It must be a real confidence builder. Hey, that's why they call them pros.

Tidbits from "The Concert for Bangladesh." It was the first of the concerts for a cause that involved major rock stars. The concert inspired Bob Geldof to organize the Live Aid concerts. The concert was the first time two Beatles - George and Ringo - were on the same stage together since the Beatles break-up. It was also the first time Dylan played in a major venue in the states since his infamous 1966 motorcycle accident. George Harrison himself organized the concert and personally called on his buddies to participate. He organized the concert in a month. Nice job George.

DeLay got his third GOP primary opponent yesterday. Don't look like '06 is going to be a good year for Tom. Awwww!!

December 29, 2005, 9:00AM

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