By Marc Campos

The Red Light Camera Opponents

By Marc Campos

We need to trust Mayor Bill White on this one. The red light camera ordinance is a public safety issue, not a revenue maker. Texas legislators that are opposed to the Mayor's initiative ought to go and park by a busy intersection and watch drivers breeze through red lights.

Now what is so bad about installing a camera that will nail those drivers? You have to wonder why these legislators are opposed. Are their offices being inundated with phone calls from constituents that are outraged by the cameras? Nope. The opposition did not show up in overwhelming numbers at city council to speak against.

Try not to chuckle when a legislator tells you he is opposed to the red light camera ordinance because of the privacy issue. On second thought, go ahead and laugh in their face if they tell you this. To date, opposing legislators have yet to put forward a compelling argument on why the cameras are a bad idea.

Surely they must know that municipalities across the state do not have enough police officers to monitor problem intersections. It appears that these legislators have a bad case of arrogance.

The cameras will result in fewer collisions. This is a good thing. Fewer collisions will result in fewer injuries. This is also a good thing. People that brazenly run red lights are bad drivers that will someday hurt good drivers. The cameras will identify the bad drivers and fine them. This too is a good thing.

Memo to opposing legislators: do not underestimate Mayor White. The Mayor will clean your clock on this issue. Body bags are a great trump card.

December 29, 2004, 9:00AM

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