By Marc Campos

A Pick’em

Commentary hasn’t made a pick in the 2008 Dem Prez sweepstakes because nobody gives a rat’s arse what I think. Iowa Dems start the picking process in a few days. Commentary’s Dad is for Hillary. One Of My Best Friend’s is also for Hillary. I just hope that a nominee is determined ASAP.

I want the nominee to run a tough, aggressive, take no prisoners style campaign that gets us a victory. Quite frankly, our last two nominees blew it and look what we got – the most incompetent administration in the history of the US of A.

Commentary is thinking that the Harris County GOP big shots are looking for a DA candidate. In a local GOP primary, a challenger would have plenty of emmo, errr email ammo, to take out the DA.

I guess “Houston It’s Worth It” wasn’t worth it after all. I guess the book won’t be made into a movie. I’m talking about the latest slogan to sell H-Town to folks around the world. It turns out Beyonce, Denton Cooley, 41, and Brian Ching will do ads for the latest H-Town redo called “My Houston.” Brian who?

They didn’t ask me but I would have B-G-O, James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy, and Sheila Jackson Lee in the ads. B-G-O and James Rodriguez and The Lovely Wendy had memorable years. Everybody in the world knows Sheila Jackson Lee.

It turns out the Patriots-Giants game Saturday night will be carried on the NFL Network, NBC and CBS for the whole world to watch and it didn’t take an act of congress. The NFL honchos realized a ton of fans were interested period. Go Pats!

Welcome to H-Town Darin Erstad! The backup outfielder/first baseman was signed by the ‘Stros yesterday. He’s a career .284 hitter.

December 28, 2007 9:00AM

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