By Marc Campos

Secret Cockfights, Hands Free, Stuff

There’s nothing in today’s Chron about the so-called race for Texas House Speaker. I guess the public is being kept in the dark on all the political maneuvering. Commentary thinks that the state’s largest daily ought to have more coverage on this matter. Maybe the Chron’s political reporters ought to go down the list of the local Texas House delegation and start polling the members on where they stand. Nope, instead the Chron’s got a front page story on cockfighting – close, but no cigar.

Along the same lines, one Texas House member – a GOPer that doesn’t get along with Speaker Craddick – wants a secret ballot. Commentary has problems with this. I want to know how members vote. I want to know if they voted for the Speaker, the Planofella or Democratic State Rep. Senfronia Thompson. I really don’t want them to hide their vote. I don’t think we ought to be left wondering how our members voted. Like the song says, “let the sunshine in.”

Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth has filed a fine piece of legislation – if you yak yak on a cell phone while driving – it has to be one of those hands free instruments or is that a free hand, errr you know what I mean. If you get caught using your hands, it’s a Class C Mr. Meaner. Put the bill on the fast track. Yeah, Commentary sometimes talks on the phone while driving but that doesn’t make it cool. I’ve seen too many (errr, pardon the pun) close calls.

The Young Gun The Anglo – the one that managed the State Senator from District 6 Campaign – is heading off to Arizona next week to get smarter. Good for him. He’s gonna miss going to the yard, but hey, maybe he can at least check out some Cactus League action next Spring.

The ballots are in and once again Tessa gets the nod for this season’s Daily Commentary’s Best Christmas Card. She included a homemade disc that you can slip into your computer and hear Christmas tunes.

Florida Marlins’ pitcher Dontrelle Willis was hauled off to jail last Friday for having too many toddies and driving. He was arrested at around 4:30 am after the police officers spotted him doing the Number One deal next to his Bentley. That’ll do it every time – doing the Number One deal next to a Bentley at 4:30 am.

I don’t want to say anything but The Vince and his Titans go into the final week of the season with a shot – albeit a long one – at making the playoffs. Meanwhile, here at home...

December 28, 2006, 9:00AM

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