By Marc Campos

Anticipation, Lisette, Gifts and Stuff

Texas’ political community is anxiously waiting to see the list of those 75 plus Texas State House members that have committed to support the Planofella against Speaker Tom Craddick. Once the names are publicized all hell will break loose.

You see, GOP activists are a lot meaner than Dem activists. The Texas GOP will unleash their rabid followers against their State House GOP members if they show up on a bipartisan list against Speaker Craddick. That’s the way they play the game over there on the far right, errr wrong side.

The Texas GOP doesn’t take too kindly to having their own cut deals with Dems against one of their leaders.

The Planofella says he has the votes. One of the Speaker’s advisors says the Speaker has the votes.

Commentary would like to see this race played out in public – don’t we have a right to know? Lets’ see the names.

Well, yesterday My God Daughter Lisette moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Wisconsin? Yup, she’s gonna be living there for a while. Her fiancé Mike is in charge of all the time out noise for the Bucks – he’s got a cool gig.

Speaking of cool, My Niece Cristina gave me a cool framed pic of us from the 18 inning playoff game against the Braves. My Niece Cristina regularly goes to the yard with Commentary.

Everybody also gave me some neat stuff. My Brown Eyed Girl gave me a copy of FDR’s 1942 letter to baseball commissioner Kenesaw Landis telling him to keep playing ball during WWII.

The Young Political Consultant That …… gave me movie passes plus movie stuff that I can’t explain cause I don’t want to give away trade secrets.

At my parents house on Christmas Day, I think everybody got “Love” – except Dante and Luke’s Mom.

Cin has her annual two day after Christmas Holiday Party tonight at her pad – by invitation only – I’ll try to swing by. I wonder if I’m supposed to take two turtle doves

I don’t know about you but I think Rosie and The Trumpster are two of the meanest and nastiest people on TV. Their display right before Christmas was what you call “Ugly TV.” Pitiful, pitiful.


December 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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