By Marc Campos

Texan Polls, Standing Pat, Gifts

If you are following the Texans, you know that everybody wants them to lose this weekend so they can get the top draft choice, Southern Cal running back Reggie Bush. Of course, the players have pride and want to win - sure. From soon to be gone Texan coach Dom Capers - "... if you polled our team or our coaching staff, we want to go to San Francisco and finish this season - as difficult as it's been - on a positive note." Dom, you know all it takes is just one player that does not want to win for the team to lose - miss a tackle you are supposed to make, fumble on a key play, drop a pass. If they did conduct a player poll, wonder what the results would be - 40% for a win, 25 % for a loss, 35% undecided. Go 'Niners!

Infielder Jose Vizcaino is no longer an Astro. He signed with the Giants a few days ago. We can see Viz in mid-May when the Giants visit. So far the Astros haven't made any major moves during the off season. There is rumor involving givng up Brad Lidge - hope that doesn't happen.

Cool gifts under Commentary's tree - a Waterford Crystal baseball with Roger Clemens' number and signature and a framed poster of the "Baseball As America" exhibit that was held this past summer at the Museum of Fine Arts. Speaking of gifts, on Christmas Day, Commentary noticed there was a creaky chair at my parents' home. Throughout the day I sat in it - it creaked. I was sitting next to it when my Mom took a break from the kitchen and was going to sit in it - I gave her my chair instead and I sat in the creaky chair. A few minutes later, I was asked to bottle feed my one year old plus great nephew. Put Luke in my arms then the creaky chair collapsed. Somehow I managed to coordinate my fall and kept Luke in my arms. Landed on my behind, bruised my back, otherwise OK. Luke was also OK. Hey, at least my Mom didn't sit in the chair - now that's a cool gift.

December 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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