By Marc Campos

Cell Phone Legislation and 411

By Marc Campos

Props go to Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston and State Representative Jose Menendez of San Antonio for introducing legislation that allows only hands-free cell phones while driving. The proposed bill would have an exception for 911 type emergency calls.

Under the bill, violators would have to pay fines up to $100 - up to $200 within school zones. Expect a whole lot of debate as the bill goes through the legislative process. Commentary is eager to find out if there will be organized opposition to the Ellis-Menendez legislation.

Speaking of cell phones, there is a move by the cell phone companies to create a 411 directory for cell phone numbers. Very bad idea. It looks like some cell phone companies are being greedy and not looking after the needs of their customers.

There does not seem to be a demand for a 411 cell phone directory. Supposedly, cell phone users will have the option of having your number unlisted - probably for a fee.

If a directory is created and some cell phone companies participate and others do not, it will probably be a good idea to sign up with the company that does not participate.

One of the good things about having a cell phone is that the cell phone owner gets to decide who should have their cell phone number. Leave it that way.

December 29, 2004, 9:00AM

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