By Marc Campos

So This Is Christmas!

And what have we learned. Well, if Big Dick Cheney needs to find work, since Obama is fixing to do away with torture – Big Dick’s expertise, he will have to wait until next holiday season and play Scrooge at a local theater near you. You would think that Big Dick Cheney could act more gracious on his way out.

And what have we learned. It looks like Bin Laden will outlast W so you have to figure that’s why Big Dick Cheney is in such a grumpy mood and not even near getting into the holiday spirit.

And what have we learned. Earlier in the year, the only Palin Commentary had ever heard of was the Monty Python fella. Last night, “The Today Show” named Governor Palin Numero 2 on having the most impact in 2008. Numero Uno went to Obama.

And what have we learned. Remember when the Big Show came to the Lone Star State and some folks/friends/family were for Obama and some folks/friends/family were for Hillary and we two-stepped with each other and against each other for a month or so and we're still getting along today.

And what have we learned. It looks like the GOP members of the Harris County Commissioners’ Court are going to do their Feliz Navidad act and give us a GOP Latino Tax Assessor-Collector. I bet they change the Christmas tradition in the tax office and serve up a heaping helping of tamales later on today and manana.

And what have we learned. That we give thanks for the Constitution for giving us four year terms so we can get someone in there that can get us out of this ditch we’re in.

185 years ago today “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” was first published in the Troy (N.Y.) Sentinel.

Commentary thinks having a birthday on Christmas Day s_cks. You are really getting only one set of presents despite what they might tell you. You don’t get a party, at least not on Christmas Day. Think about it, have you ever gone to a birthday party on Christmas Day. Oh by the way, the American Campaign Skipper is celebrating a birthday on Christmas Day. Just fresh after spending months on the Da Bell trail, I wonder if he’s doing OK. Happy Merry Christmas Birthday Nicholas Hellyar! (I think I know why they named him Nicholas.)

Commentary was doing a little shopping this past weekend and saw a ‘Stros 2009 wall calendar and they still had Wiggintonner featured for one of the months – that’s all I have from The Yard!

Commentary won’t be around tomorrow (Christmas Eve), Christmas Day, or the day after. I’ll be back on Monday the 29th. So have a safe one. Merry Christmas…….and to all a good night!

December 23, 2008 9:00AM

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