By Marc Campos

Merry Christmas

By Marc Campos

A gift from the city of Houston to its people: red light runner detecting cameras at problem intersections.

A gift from the Republicans to the Democrats: a throat slashing, gut spilling, no holds barred fight for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

A gift from the Democrats to the Republicans: looks like the same folks are running things and have not figured out how to be more aggressive in the Hispanic community.

A gift from the Houston Astros to the fans: will make a serious effort to sign Carlos Beltran and Roger Clemens.

A gift from the Houston Chronicle to Hispanics: create awareness on the need for more soccer playing facilities.

A gift from "The West Wing" TV series to America: a serious Hispanic character running for president played by Jimmy Smits. Dude does not have a mustache, an accent, deal drugs, or beat the crap out of his spouse.

A gift from the Houston Independent School District (HISD) to the community: Dr. Abe Saavedra, HISD's first Hispanic superintendent of schools.

A gift from the voters to Houston city government: two Hispanic city council members that work closely together.

A gift from God to my life: Marie Colombe Sebastiana and Lucas Miguel.

Have you ever played the game, "if you could go back in time, and blend into the scenery to observe, where would you go back to?" The grassy knoll in Dallas the morning of Friday, November 22, 1963? The Garden of Eden? Our favorite is Bethlehem by a manger over a couple of thousand years ago. Merry Christmas.

December 22, 2004, 9:00AM

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