By Marc Campos

Christmas Buzz

The paperless folks got a little something in their stocking. That Tancreature fella is no longer a Prez wannabee. I guess you need to be more that a one hate issue candidate.

I wonder how many days off Hillary and Obama are giving their staff folks in Iowa. Do they get to go home for Christmas? I wonder if Santa visits Dem campaign headquarters.

One of Commentaryís old buddies is in the running for TSU Prez. Iím talking about Anthony Hall. Anthony is a good guy. Heíd do a great job. Heís always done a good job wherever heís been. Anthony is also a heckuva Dem.

Speaking of Dems, Carol Alvarado filed yesterday for State Representative, District 145.

Carol got good reviews on her H-Town City Council term limits take. In case you havenít noticed, Hotze that rhymes with dopesy is only one that spoke out for term limits. FYI Ė the political scenery/electorate has changed a lot since term limits were first adopted in 1991.

Commentary, the Campaign Skipper and Marigirl were with Carol when she filed and we saw that the local Dem Party has a big board on the wall that has a list of who has filed. We thought about scribbling in some fake names in positions that are held by a couple of Commentary fan club members and freak them out. You know, kind of make their Christmas. The Dem Party officials would be scrambling all over the place trying to locate their paperwork. We decided not too Ė sorta.

Barbarella is 70 years young today. My favorite Jane Fonda movie is Cat Ballou Ė a great flick that also stars Lee Marvin in his Academy Award winning role as ďKid Shelleen." Happy Birthday Jane! Jane Fonda donít need anymore touching up.

Commentary got some thanks again for my Christmas card Ė youíre welcome. I have great material to work with.

Commentary is going to take a few days off like most of you. Iíll hang out at the stores and listen to the Christmas tunes. My Brown Eyed Girl and I will probably go check out Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. Iíll miss jingling with Da Bells, but Iíll spend time hanging with My Brown Eyed Girlís kids. I didnít ask Santa to bring me anything this year other than peace, love and goodwill toward Dems and Burt and a few others Rs. You see Santa already dropped off a James Rodriguez victory and a few more new ĎStros.

You guys be careful out there and Iíll see you next Thursday Ė the 27th.

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary