By Marc Campos

Council Member Farewells

Yesterday, Commentary went to the going away lunch for the four H-Town Council Members – Carol Alvarado, Addie Wiseman, Ada Edwards, and Michael Berry. The affair was kind of a tribute and a roast. There were a lot of laughs that Commentary can’t mention because this is a family friendly website – I think. I do have to say that CM Wiseman definitely has a future once the writers’ strike is over. The “premature evacuation” line was a classic. It turns out that CM Edwards could easily have a gig as a lounge crooner. Her “Rudolph the Red Nose” rendition was tops. CM Alvarado got a lot of jabs and once again proved that she can take a punch – the satellite district offices deal had me cringing – ouch. CM Berry also showed up. I had to have a program to see who he was. That’s all I can say about this.

In her farewell “pop-off” at her final council meeting, CM Alvarado made a great case to eliminate term limits. It made today’s Chron. You will hear more on that later.

Carol Alvarado will file for State Representative, District 145 this morning.

I wonder who else will file for various offices in the next 12 days – stay tuned!

Holly and I had a conversation yesterday at the council lunch and thought about creating our own secret slate to push – interesting.

Branch Rickey was born 126 years ago today. He’s not with us anymore. Rickey brought Jackie Robinson into major league baseball and the rest is history as they say.

Serge sent me J. Dominic’s photo the other day and assured me that J. Dominic wasn’t in the Mitchell Report. Looking at the photo, I think I’ll ask for a test.

I think folks at The Yard are taking off for a few days then maybe they will make a few more deals.

December 20, 2007 9:00AM

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