By Marc Campos

Auto Pen Arrogance

By Marc Campos

A__hole, chump, jerk, bozo, and barfbag. All of these words combined does not come close to describing the arrogant Don Rumsfeld, W's bungler of defense. It turns out Rumsfeld does not even sign the condolence letters to the families of troops that are killed in combat. Apparently, the letters are processed through an auto pen that signs the bungler's name. W signs his own letters to grieving families. Rumsfeld is too busy screwing up the war to sign letters.

The signature flap is another reason why more are calling for his resignation. GOP Senators like Lott, McCain and Hagel have public stated they have lost confidence in the bungler. W, however, is keeping him. Yesterday, W's Chief of Staff, Andy Card, said, "Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a spectacular job." Well at least now the bungler is going to have to sign the condolence letters.

December 20, 2004, 9:00AM

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