By Marc Campos

Good Job Carol!

Today is Carol Alvarado’s last Houston City Council meeting. Carol’s done a great job on council.

To those of you who go to H-Town’s restaurants and bars and don’t have to deal with second hand cigarette smoke – well, you can thank Carol.

Carol’s leadership is the reason that the City has made cleaning our air a top priority. Heck, we will soon have hybrid taxi cabs because of Carol.

Carol has been a key player in redeveloping Downtown and getting light rail moving.

Carol’s bridge to Manchester is a remarkable achievement and a case study on how to get things done.

She’s fixing to wrap up nearly ten years at H-Town City Hall – four as one of Mayor Lee Brown’s key assistants.

Carol Alvarado is probably one of the most dedicated public servants Commentary has ever met. Carol Alvarado is one of the most effective elected officials I’ve ever run across. She’s also one of the most respected in the community. Carol is living proof that a person can make a difference. She gets things done.

Did you know that Carol has never missed a City Council meeting or vote? She has a perfect attendance record. Take that!

She is a great Democrat. She’s a great Astros fan. She’s also One Of My Best Friends.

Carol Alvarado also don’t need touching up!

H-Town will miss her on Council, but she’ll still be around if you know what I mean.

By the way, in case you haven’t heard, James Rodriguez will be replacing Carol on council. That’s a real good thing.

FYI – Carol is a longtime Commentary client.

The local Dem Party’s Holiday Party is tonight. Maybe they’ll unveil the secret slate.

Hall of Famer and Detroit Tiger great Al Kaline is 73 today. Kaline batted .379 and hit two dingers in the 1968 World Serious versus the Cardinals. The Tiger won the Serious in seven games. Commentary has Al Kaline’s autograph.

Speaking of, The Yard is in Carol Alvarado’s Council District.

December 19, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary