By Marc Campos

Me? You? And The Rest of the Stuff

Time Magazine came out with its Person of the Year – You and Me – huh? Instead of going with someone like The Vince, Hugo, Obama, Gore, Paperless Folks, The Dem Party, or Pam-In-Charge, Time went with “anyone using or creating content on the World Wide Web” – you know, MySpace, YouTube, Match.Com, CEWDEM, Daily Commentary – yeah, I guess we deserve it. Where do I pick up my award?

Commentary hasn’t taken a side in the race for Prez, but props have to go to John Edwards. He’s going to kickoff his campaign in NOLA – good move.

You know the holidays are here because the news is kind of slow. There’s a story today in the Chron on the family feud about where America’s Preacher is going to be buried. Hey, he’s not even a goner yet. Also in the news today is a story about the current Miss USA – she’s partying too much and might lose her crown.

Was it Yogi Berra or Yogi Bear - who’s on first, errr who was the first on the scene? Yogi of course – Yogi Berra played in his first major league game in 1946, Yogi Bear made his TV debut in 1958. One of Yogi Bear’s creators died yesterday. Yogi Bear was a nod to Yogi Berra.

Gift cards, everybody has them – stores, restaurants, movie houses, spas, even The Wise Guys now got a piece of the action. You can now go buy a Wise Guy Gift Card and redeem if for say getting some wise guys to handle business, like taking down The Grinch in the front yard I was telling you about.

How about the idiots that were caught on video knocking down a big snowman in some family’s front yard? Hey you morons, this is Christmas, you don’t go taking down friendly snowmen! Grinches OK, Frosty’s a no-no. Maybe I’ll go buy a Wise Guy Gift Card and have them go take care of these morons.

Commentary’s Mom dropped by yesterday and left me a Christmas teaser – a dozen homemade tamales – mmmmm. Betcha can’t top that!

Speaking of Christmas tunes, Bing’s “White Christmas” is also up there. Also up there is the one with Bing and David Bowie – a version of “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Speaking of “The Little Drummer Boy” – how come he’s never in any of The Nativity scenes? I mean, he played his best for him – right? A rum pum pum pum …..

December 19, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary