By Marc Campos

Leo's Gone, Pickett, Free Morgan, A Win, Potholes, Playboy
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John Spencer, who plays Leo McGarry in "The West Wing”, died this past Friday. He was 58 - his birthday is tomorrow. He was a real good actor. I liked him in "L.A. Law" and "Presumed Innocence." He died of a heart attack - kind of like the one he had a few months ago on the show. He'll be missed.

Props to us - close to 100 - that braved the 40 degree weather this past Saturday at the Target picket line. Man, it was cold. Steve Brown, Dem candidate for State Representative, District 27, also joined us for the hour long protest of Target's EC prescription policy.

Turns out actor Morgan Freeman doesn't like "Black History Month." "We don't have 'White History Month?' “he says. Freeman wants Black history celebrated throughout the year. Good point.

Way to go Texans. You finally show up. You may still be a lousy football team, but at least you entertain on and off the field. Normally a 2-12 team would have us outraged, but because a Heisman winner is still a possibility, you will continue to have our undivided attention.

From the I didn't know that department. Commentary has a black top pavement driveway - there are a couple or three potholes in the driveway that need to be fixed. Turns out you can buy an asphalt like mixture in a bag from one of the mega hardware stores. Got a few bags yesterday, we'll see if it works.

Commentary has not opened a Playboy magazine in 12 years - well, kind of. A few months ago, I heard that Matt Santos' wife did a photo shoot - did a little search - wanted to check out the next First Lady. Turns out, Lisa Guerrero, the TV sports reporter, is featured in this month's issue, so I read. Sure enough, did the search and there she was - she's 41. I guess someone buys the magazine, scans the photos, and puts them online. That's probably not legal.

December 19, 2005, 9:00AM

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