By Marc Campos

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Commentary certainly doesnít have anything against interest groups that want to screen candidates during elections. Of course, sometimes the dreaded questionnaires are too long. In the soon to be Dem Primary we have Latino, African American, Women, Pro Choice, Teachers, Labor, and Gays/Lesbians asking candidates what they are up too. What I do have a problem with is the secret interest group/committee that folks think is being operating as an arm of the local Dem Party. You know which one Iím talking about. They are meeting with judicial and legislative wannabees.

Apparently, Commentaryís takes have hit a nerve out there. Thatís a good thing. Folks have been sending me stuff letting me know about the past political activities of some of the secret committee members. The Dem Party Primary is the place where we are supposed to settle matters. If some of the groups mentioned want to get together and cut deals and pick slates, well, more power to them. I have a problem if the Dem Party is involved in the slate picking. Their intentions may be noble but sooner or later it will get out of hand if it hasnít already.

I donít really have a problem with a secret committee meeting in secret cutting secret deals. Everybody has a right to keep secrets. I just donít want the Dem Party involved in secret deals unless Dems are OK with it. As of this morning, they are not.

Commentary thought the HISD Bond campaign was over. Rep Sly isnít giving up. Heís taking the fight to the courthouse. Stay tuned!

The ĎStros arenít through making deals. Thatís a real good thing! I donít want to get too greedy with Santa, but maybe another starting pitcher in our brick red stocking would be nice.

December 18, 2007 9:00AM

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