By Marc Campos

Carol’s Bridge Too Far - Here Today!

H-Town City Council Member Carol Alvarado has remarkable political perseverance. In 1991, while sitting in a conference room filming a commercial endorsing mayoral candidate Bob Lanier, Carol, then a precinct judge, talked to Lanier about her Manchester neighborhood and how difficult it was at times to get emergency services. You see, Manchester is an East End neighborhood that is surrounded by chemical companies and railroad tracks. Often times when there is an emergency in the neighborhood and trains are blocking access to the neighborhood – well, you get the picture – it is tough for emergency vehicles to get in.

Years ago, Carol decided to take action and waged a campaign for the construction of a bridge over the railroad tracks into Manchester. It is not that easy to get a bridge built. The cost is in the millions. Well guess what? Thanks to a lot of help from Congressman Gene Green, and federal and state funds, the bridge opened this past Saturday. Carol and Congressman Green were there to cut the ribbon. Way to go Carol!

Speaking of, Carol Alvarado, candidate for Texas State House of Representatives, District 145, had over 45 community folks to her kick-off breakfast Saturday morning – including eight electeds – nice job.

Congrats to H-Town City Council Member Ada Edwards for landing a gig as Deputy Chief of Staff for Neighborhoods under Mayor Bill White!

Joe Lieberman is a chump – period!

Now that Barry, Barry, Barry and the other ‘roid users have been nailed, how about going after Bin Laden – bet if Bin Laden was a ‘roid user, he’d have been caught by now. Heck, come to think of it, Bin Laden was sick way back then. Maybe HGH is keeping him alive.

HGH – I wish I knew how to quit you! That’s all I’m going to say about this today!

The Texans won't go to the playoffs this year. Vince still has a shot.

Commentary normally doesn’t give props to the Dallas Cowboys, but in this case I will. It turns out, according to the Star Telegram, that 22% of the design and construction costs of their new crib are going to MWBE firms. That’s not as good as what we got here at The Yard, but it is still pretty good.

Welcome to H-Town Jose Valverde! We now have us an All Star closer! I hope you bring your theatrics with you. Play ball!

December 17, 2007 9:00AM

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