By Marc Campos

Don't Answer The Phone

By Marc Campos

Well it finally happened. Only this time the victim was a dear friend.

As an avid baseball fan and a consumer of a couple of beers during a ballgame, commentary has to frequent the mens room in between innings. It is annoying to see guys using their cell phones while handling (no pun intended) business at the urinal. Commentary avoids this practice. It is tacky and there is a fear of dropping the phone into a pool of urine.

My dear friend has one of those blackberry phone gizmos and he was not responding to my emails. He finally emailed me from his land computer and informed me that his blackberry had gotten wet and was out of commission. He called yesterday and said he had gotten a replacement blackberry. Out of the blue, I asked him if he had dropped it into a urinal and he sheepishly replied that he had. The details will be spared, but it happened at a workout club. In other words, other guys had used the urinal. If it had been my phone, it would have stayed in the urinal. It would have been reported lost or stolen. Dear friend fished his out. Ouch!

It was only fifteen years ago that cell phones were only for the elite. Now everyone has them. You can email, take pictures and surf the internet with your cell phone. You can also take a leak with your phone, but there is a hazard involved.

December 17, 2004, 9:00AM

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