By Marc Campos

Certainly Qualified

Commentary thinks that if you help lead a process to select the next Vice-President of the United States of America, you are certainly qualified to serve in the United States Senate and be effective.

Caroline Kennedy wants the U.S. Senate seat her Uncle Bobby used to hold. Last night her cousin, Kerry, Bobby and Ethel’s seventh child, went on “Larry King” to speak on Caroline’s behalf. Kerry’s ex-hubby, New York AG Andrew Cuomo, also wants the New York Senate seat – it must not have been a so called amicable divorce. Andrew Cuomo used to be Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary. Some Clinton diehards in New York want anybody but Caroline because she supported Obama during the primaries and help put an end to Hillary’s White House bid. I guess this is kind of like the Empire State Strikes Back. The current Senate seat is held by the next Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A New York Dem Congressman, errr Hillary supporter, questioned Caroline Kennedy’s qualifications and compared her to J-Lo. I’ll say this, she is the closest thing to “royalty” we have in the Democratic Party and that is not a bad thing. Aside from the Obamas, if you could get any Dem in the U.S.A. to headline a major Dem fundraiser, she would probably be at the top of the list. As far as qualifications go, if I was looking for a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, I don’t think you could do better than Caroline Kennedy. She has grown up in the glare of the public limelight. She has carried herself with grace and dignity. She has been a public inspiration to millions on how to deal with life’s most personal tragedies. She also conveys an aura of much needed idealistic energy. She gets a Big A-OK in my book. Obama likes her and I’m guessing that if I’m the New York Guv, if I have a choice between making the Kennedys and Obamas happy versus making the Clinton diehards happy – well, let me introduce you to Senator Kennedy from New York.

It is one of those conversations I will never forget. In 1980 at the Democratic National Convention in New York’s Madison Square Garden the night Senator Ted Kennedy addressed the gathering most of the Kennedy clan showed up and sat kind of behind the Texas Delegation. Commentary was a Kennedy delegate and was standing by my old friend Billie Carr when the Kennedy clan made their grand entrance. I remember Billie saying – “look at that, we’ll have a Kennedy to vote for a long time.” I wonder what Billie would have to say about Caroline Kennedy. I’m guessing if Billie were still around, she would probably be calling Bill Clinton to tell him to call off the dogs.

Move over Ruby Slippers! Let me introduce you to the world’s most famous pair of shoes. Remember when Big Dick Cheney said we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq. I guess he was talking about Shoeless Joe Muntadhar al-Zeidi who was liberated from his Size 10s. Thanks to modern technology, you can lay the “Beverly Hills” TV theme minus the lyrics to the shoe bomber’s video and then at the end bring in the closing lyrics – “take your shoes off. Y'all come back now, y'hear?”

Apparently, some in the Iraq world think Shoeless Joe Muntadhar is a hero. Others in the in the Iraq world want him to spend time in jail – for missing.

Speaking of, I wonder what Billie Carr would think about her old pal Balls of Holly becoming H-Town’s next Mayor Pro Tem.

You can check out Commentary’s 2008 Christmas card at www.camposcommunications.com. It is a Beatles take of course. If you were nice to Commentary this year you will probably get one in the mail in a couple of days.

Welcome to H-Town Jason Michaels – who? A 32-year young former fourth round draft pick, .271 career hitting right hander, and our fifth outfielder – oh yeah, by the way, he also punched out a police officer in Philly back in 2005. I hope ‘Stros GM Ed Wade never has to deliver bad news to Michaels at The Yard.

December 16, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary