By Marc Campos

A Good Play

If H-Town Mayor Bill White decides to run for U.S. Senator instead of Governor then Commentary thinks it is a good play. If he runs for Governor against either Guv Dude or Hutch, a lot of his local money folks might be conflicted. When the H-Town Mayor ran in 2003, he received a lot of financial support from major GOP donors. Some of these folks are probably already for Guv Dude or Hutch. In an open Senate race, he stands a pretty good chance of hanging on to these donors. In fact, Commentary would bet that the Mayor will probably be the biggest money raiser of all candidates that get in the race.

Commentary thinks the H-Town Mayor could take down Guv Dude. If Hutch’s polling is correct and she puts a whupping on Guv Dude, I don’t know if the Mayor could beat her. She hasn’t really been a part of running state government into the ditch. Commentary thinks the Mayor is doing the right thing if he runs for U.S. Senator.

Speaking of, in today’s Austin newspaper there is a piece on Guv Dude fixing to be the state’s longest serving Guv. Here is what a noted lobbyist had to say about Dude: "You can't touch him; things are great right now." Huh?

If the shoe fits then Commentary has to give it to W for having some moves. I wonder if the fella that tossed his shoes at W is on his way to Gitmo. I’m betting W’s Secret Service guys are getting chewed out big time for taking their time reacting. I guess they were waiting for the other shoe to drop…awwww!

The Dem Harris County Sheriff-Elect is in today’s Chron wearing Sikh head gear in a Sikh temple. The GOP incumbent dumbarse that he beat probably would have been wearing a Sikh ten gallon turban.

Here is what somebody sent Commentary regarding my take on secret ballots in the Texas House Speaker’s race: “If you want another Speaker, and all progressive voters should, you'd better lose your squeamishness about secret ballots. Without secret ballots, there's no hope.”

I understand why some folks are pushing for a secret ballot, but I still have the right to be “squeamish.” Of course, I’m not a “progressive voter.” I prefer to be called a liberal. I am certainly not “squeamish” about calling myself a liberal.

The seeing-impaired caucus is not too happy about Saturday night’s SNL take on the Governor of the Empire State. I don’t want to sound insensitive but they didn’t even see it.

From the I don’t give a damn department, 69 years ago today “Gone with the Wind” hit the movie theaters. GWTW ended up winning eight Oscars including best picture.

Speaking of, Tom Cruise came on the “Today Show” this morning and admitted he didn’t handle things well when he last appeared three years ago. Good for him for owning up. I just might go check out his new flick.

Commentary got a cool Christmas present from my friend Drayton a couple of days ago. It is a ‘Stros Christmas ornament that is now on top of my tree. I’ll have it on our website later on today so you can check it out and that’s all I have to report from The Yard.

December 15, 2008 9:00AM

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