By Marc Campos

Oliver Twisted
and Cell Phones
By Marc Campos

Oliver Spellman, former Mayor Lee Brown's Chief of Staff, pleaded guilty yesterday to federal bribery charges in a Cleveland, Ohio courtroom. The plea was actually submitted on December 3 but was made public yesterday. As part of the plea, Spellman has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors on a corruption investigation. You have to figure he is going to finger some local folks. Spellman's naughty behavior has put an ethics stain on Brown’s tenure as mayor. Thanks Oliver.

On to other matters. The FAA is considering whether to allow cell phone use on airliners. Don't do it. It may not be a safety hazard, but it is highly annoying. Think about it, do we really want the person sitting next to us to be yakking on a cell phone during the flight. It is not necessary. Civilization has survived and progressed without cell phone use on airliners. Who in the heck is lobbying for this, cell phone companies?

December 15, 2004, 9:00AM

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