By Marc Campos

Juiced! Impeach Who? Childish Payback

‘Roids made America’s front pages yesterday and today. Here’s what Commentary wants to know. Folks started talking about ‘roids when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa made their famous 1998 home run chase. How come they didn’t make the list? How come many of those that made the list came from sworn statements from a couple of guys that are trying to stay out of jail? Look, we all know that ‘roids were out there and they shouldn’t be, but what was accomplished yesterday other than naming players and sullying the best game ever invented. What if one or some of the players that were named yesterday really didn’t juice? Meanwhile, Congress is fixing to hold hearings on ‘roids next week. What are they going to do other than beat their chests? They (the Dem leadership) don’t have the fortitude to get us out of Iraq, so they are going to act like they are doing America’s business and pile on the ‘roid issue. Oh, brother! Maybe MLB ought to send members of Congress syringe bobbleheads next week.

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl were watching the Texans last night on the tube and a Texan scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter and he did one of those lean into the end zone crowd celebrations and some fan pulled out an “Impeach Bill White” sign – huh! We hit the rewind button and sure enough there it was. Maybe it was the guy that wants to build that high rise next to a fancy neighborhood. Maybe it was one of CM Ron Green’s buddies.

Yesterday, Commentary purposely didn’t mention names that attended Jose Medrano’s reception the other evening because the opposition likes to childishly intimidate. Well, they figured out who was there – maybe my clues were too easy – and started to act childish. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

According to a Pew Hispanic Center survey, Latinos have an “anxiety” and “fear” factor on this hateful immigration debate. No s__t! Hope Dems can figure out how to channel this “fear” thing into a Dem voter turnout next year.

Speaking of, was yesterday a sad day in baseball? Absolutely not! It was more like an embarrassing day. It is not like they threw games or stuff like that. They bulked up and harmed their bodies and stuck needles in their arses and did stupid things like that. Let’s move on and play ball!

December 14, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary